The State of the Union: Considering Dear Leader

He lacked the perspicacity
To see the worth of truth’s capacity
To free us from mendacity
And to know just what is what.

His complicity in duplicity,
Inauthenticity, and toxicity
About matters like ethnicity
Proved the havoc he could wreak.

He spewed hate with ferocity,
Which spread with great velocity,
There was no paucity of atrocity
In all he did and said.

The Red Hats are his Devoted Ones
Who shout about gays and God and guns
Forgotten Whites and Confederate Sons
Comprise his stalwart base.

The millionaires and billionaires
Say “Let’s see how the market fares!”
About human lives, they barely care
It’s all about the money.

The Grand Old Party is hopelessly cowed
By the Dear Leader, so boisterous and loud
He stews about polls and size of the crowd
And the legacy of Barack.

With combed-over hair and spray-on tans
He’s an iron fist (with tiny hands)
Promising great big walls and travel bans
The Orange One is a scourge.

Some said, “Never mind his causticity.
It’s merely eccentricity!”
In his ire and electricity,
Methinks a transformer blew.

The impeachment hearing revealed more lies
Bigly ones, if we’re talking size
Despite acquittal, we’d be wise to surmise
That the President is a crook.

The West Wing has been nepotized
With Ivanka and Jared now deputized
Despite no experience that qualifies
The two to govern and to lead.

Like apprentices, he’d prefer to fire us
When we complain about the coronavirus
And the mess in which he’s mired us
Ugh! What ignorance he has shown.

So says you, “It’s just the flu!”
While you’re at it, blame the Chinese, too!
“There’s not much that the Feds can do.”
The states are on their own.

With Lysol, we should inject our veins
To heal us from our earthly pains
Says this man unhinged, insane
To him, we may as well be dead.

Policies borne from spasticity,
Moral elasticity,
It makes for good publicity
But presidential? No, it’s not.

Your pressers are a pony show
Nothing more than a Trump promo
WaPo and the journos know
You’re nothing but a fake.

Yamiche often nails you
About your utterances that fail you
Your toadies have to bail you
Out of stupid things you say.

We’d love a leader with some sagacity
And a little less pugnacity,
More openness, less opacity
You’re a president, not a king.

Hope lies in its audacity
And also in its tenacity
Veracity’s voracity
Will, one day, swallow him whole.

It’s up to us to vote him out
To show what our democracy’s about
Let’s use our power to tell this lout
That we’re not taking it anymore.